Best Double Bass Pedal – 2017 In Depth Analysis and Top Picks

Looking for the best double bass pedal without spending a whole chunk of hard earned cash?Don't buy the hype and overspend. The best double bass pedal is less than you would think.

I’m going to share some of my research with you and give you my honest opinion.

In short, I don’t think some of the higher end models are justified in their cost. I actually think that the best double bass pedal money can buy is in the middle of the price ranges.

Spending a lot of money will NOT fix poor technique

Let me just make this clear right off the bat. I don’t want you believing the hype. I remember when I went through a phase of listening to a lot of metal, and fast double-bass driven punk rock, I was obsessed with upgrading from a single to a double pedal.

I thought that just adding a second foot into my setup would somehow magically give me the ability to bang out crazy 32nd blast beats like Joey Jordison.

How wrong I was! I picked up an entry level Tama Iron Cobra, clamped it onto my kick drum, and then proceeded to make nothing but awkward, asymmetrical, out of time beats.

I had been playing with a single bass pedal for so long, that it didn’t occur to me that my right foot was a lot more proficient than the left. Sure I used the left, as most do, for my hi-hats,  but the power and consistancy needed for the left foot of a double kick is a whole different ballgame.

Here’s a great visual guide from wikihow. Remember, it’s going to take time and practice before you can blast away. But once you get there, it’s going to be arguably the most rewarding drumming skill you’ll ever acquire. Then you can take a reasonably priced model (which I’m about to get into), and make it sound like the best double bass pedal the world has ever heard.

Remember, start slow! It’s all about clean, distinct hits. Speed comes in time, as with all drum rudiments.

Heel or Toe Style

If you’re in the mood for a really complicated description of a purely heel-driven pedal (for the true gearhead nerds out there), there was an excellent one created by Worcester Polytechnic linked here (Heel Operated Bass Drum Pedal).

Best double bass pedal on a budget

I stand behind that entry-level Tama Iron Cobra that I mentioned earlier. This is what I started on, and to be quite honest it’s what I still use today (admittedly I’m not a huge double bass player).

Tama HP200 PTW Iron Cobra 200

Remember, don’t expect any magic here. If you have never played double bass before, it’s going to be a learning curve.

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